Karaván Theater and Art Foundation

Karaván Theater and Art Foundation

Karaván Színház és Művészeti Alapítvány

Year of foundation of the theater2000
Place:Budapest, Hungary
Main artists:Oszkár Nyári – actor, director, production manager

Pál Nyári – pedagogue, romologist, actor, film director

Emília Boda-Novy – actor, director

Kristóf Horváth – actor, scriptwriter

Zoltán Baranyi – violinist

"In this theater, in this community I have found why I decided long ago that I wanted to be an actress. Karaván is a young and strong, green blossom that can renew our theater scene. "

- Klára Varga (actress) on A Tale of the Fiery Red Flower, 2012

ABOUT the theater

The theater was founded in 2000 by the actor Oszkár Nyári. Our artistic program was focused mainly on youth theater and theater in education. With our shows we try to reach as many underprivileged children as possible. In our productions – besides the Roma and Non-Roma artists –we give opportunities for young Roma and Non-Roma to show and explore their talent. The main message of our activity to society is that lucky encounters between Roma and non-Roma are possible.

We have a small theater space in Budapest, but we also strive to play across the country more often, so that a wider public can see and get to know our work. We play an average of 70-80 performances a year. Besides our work in theater, we also focus on preserving and cultivating the young and talented. We do a training program in acting in Budapest and Kaposvár, where talented Roma and other underprivileged children can have a safe space to explore and grow their potential.


National Minorities Award, Bonis Bona Award For Excellent Talent Manager Organization

Mobility Award at the 4th European Theater Adventure workshop for the outstanding work done regarding the visibility of the program, Medalion from the Ferencváros city council for our national and international work in building a better society

Award for National Minority Theater at ARCUS National Minorities Theater Festival


Main productions

Gyula Urbán: Mice* (Egerek)
*musical theater for kids*
D.: Géza Tóth

The gray and white mouse families hate one another. Soma and Fruzsina, the children of the rival families, fall in love with each other. A Romeo and Juliet story with mice. The anti-racist fable was premiered in co-production with the National Theater and over five years played to full houses in several prominent theaters.

National Theater (Nemzeti Színház)
Budapest, Hungary

Oszkár Nyári, Pál Nyári: The Show Goes On* after the idea of Cigánylabirintus by Péter Kardos and Gábor Nyári (A show folytatódik)
D.: Oszkár Nyári

The troubled attempt of a young Roma man to survive in the big capital city, Budapest.
We can see Gyula, a young Roma man who has just got out of state care with high hopes, as a player of a reality show, dealing with the obstacles of life. The piece shows, with absurd humor, what chances young Roma people from institutions have.

Merlin Theater (Merlin Színház)
Budapest, Hungary

Gyula Urbán: All Mice Like Cheese*
(Minden egér szereti a sajtot)
D.: Géza Tóth

After a year of preparation, Roma and non-Roma acting students of the Karaván Studio started working on their first exam performance: All Mice Like Cheese, a fairytale. In creating this, Oszkár Nyári involved several of his colleagues from Csiky Gergely Theater. He asked Géza Tóth to direct, András Kőrösi to play, Edit Barabás, Árpád Némedi and Tamás Sebesi to compose the music. The premiere took place on June 15 in 2002, followed by two performances the next day. Roma and non-Roma children showed elemental strength, talent and self-confidence in the performances. A successful production was born, which was included in the repertoire of the Piccolo Theater. The students and the studio were determined to succeed. All Mice was played nearly 100 times.

Gyula Urbán's piece is an anti-racist fairytale, a Romeo and Juliet story in a mouse world.

Once upon a time, a family of gray mice lived in abundance, peace, wandering in an ancient cheese-making shop. Only a strange cat made their lives bitter, sometimes with an awful big moan: MIAUUU! No one had seen it yet; they could hear its awful voice. He was the Great Cat Magician who lived in the attic. Not even a mouse dared to go there. But in one Camembert-smelling evening, strange visitors arrived in the cheese-making shop: a family of white mice!

Karaván Theater (Karaván Színház)
Budapest, Hungary

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Guest performances

Sári O. Horváth: Cold* (Hűvös)
-> Jelen/Lét Minorities Theater Festival
(Jelen/Lét Nemzetiségi Színházi Találkozó)
National Theater (Nemzeti Színház)
Budapest, Hungary

Selmeczi Bea: I'm online* (I’m online)
-> Trip Ship (Trip hajó)
Budapest, Hungary

-> Cervinus Theater (Cervinus Teátrum)
Szarvas, Hungary

-> Jelen/Lét Minorities Theater Festival 
(Jelen/Lét Nemzetiségi Színházi Találkozó)
National Theater (Nemzeti Színház)
Budapest, Hungary

-> Valley of Arts Festival (Művészetek völgye)
Taliándörögd, Hungary

-> Community Center (Művelődési Központ)
Rétság, Hungary

-> Ferencváros Community Center
(Ferencvárosi Művelődési Központ)
Budapest, Hungary

-> Pécs National Theater Festival (POSZT)
Pécs, Hungary

-> Dunakanyar Theater (Dunakanyar Színház)
Vác, Hungary

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