Theaters, Universities and Donors open to cooperation


So that GRT (Gypsy, Roma, Traveller) theaters and theater artists become part of the European mainstream culture and wouldn't remain in a ‘cultural ghetto’, it’s important that our causes have allies: donors, mainstream theaters, cultural institutions. Those who support the empowerment of GRT theaters and their journey in reaching the mainstream with funds, professional cooperation and opportunities to introduce themselves and their culture to others, we call allies.
Archa TheaterPrague, Czech RepublicContacts
Axis BallymunDublin, IrelandContacts
Csokonai TheaterDebrecen, HungaryContacts
Das KellertheaterBremgarten, SwitzerlandContacts
Deszka FestivalDebrecen, HungaryContacts
DIOD TheaterJihlava, Czech RepublicContacts
Iván Fischer Room TheaterBudapest, HungaryContacts
FMKBudapest, HungaryContacts
Gózon Gyula TheaterBudapest, HungaryContacts
Jelen/Lét Minorities Theater FestivalBudapest, HungaryContacts
Maxim Gorkij TheaterBerlin, GermanyContacts
Petőfi TheaterVeszprém, HungaryContacts
RS9Budapest, HungaryContacts
Trip ShipBudapest, HungaryContacts
The Wave Cultural CenterPrešov, SlovakiaContacts


We have implemented several trainings for university educators on Roma theater and drama, and their potential interdisciplinary contexts in university education. The following educators have implemented courses at different universities and majors:
Beáta AdorjánUniversity of Arts,
Târgu-Mureș, Romania
Faculty of Arts,
Theatre Studies
(Hungarian Department)
Dr. Boglárka BakóEötvös Loránd University of Sciences,
Budapest, Hungary
Department of Cultural Anthropology,
Faculty of Social Sciences,
Ethic Course
Katalin BalázsEszterházy Károly Catholic University,
Eger, Hungary
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies,
Kepes György College for Advanced Studies
Dr. Veronika DaridaEötvös Loránd University of Sciences,
Budapest, Hungary
Department of Aesthetics,
Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies
Dr. Margit FeischmidtUniversity of Pécs,
Pécs, Hungary
Institute of Social and Media Studies,
Intercultural Communication
Dr. habil. Zoltán Béla KelemenUniversity of Szeged,
Szeged, Hungary
Department of Comparative Literature,
Institute of Hungarian Language and Literature
András MüllnerEötvös Loránd University of Sciences,
Budapest, Hungary
Department of Media and Communication2018
Andrea PócsikPázmány Péter Catholic University,
Budapest, Hungary
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences2018
Eszter VágiEötvös Loránd University of Sciences,
Budapest, Hungary
Faculty of Social Sciences,
Interdisciplinary Programme,
Doctoral School of Sociology


We are grateful for the Donors who have supported the Collection or the Roma Heroes Festivals. The Festival organized by the Independent Theater Hungary provided the bases for finding, collecting and developing the majority of the works available here.


The following organizations have worked in close cooperation with us during the realisation of the Roma Heroes Digital Collection.