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ROMACEN - Giuvlipen and Andrei Mureșanu Theater

Romacen, The Age of the Witches

Romacen, Vremea Vrăjitoarelor

This performance marks the birth of a new artistic trend - Roma Futurism, which we hope many Roma artists will take over from us to make it to the next level, where we can imagine a future free of the historical cycle of oppression against us. Roma Futurism claims the figure of the Roma witch, so stereotyped in the collective imaginary, and for us witchcraft becomes an artistic and political response to the social inequalities and injustices of the world we live in.

"I am very honored to be here with you
A feminist society is declaring war
The greatest joy for me is being part
of the futuristic Society, next to you.
I am a child of an immigrant settled in England,
I'm not going to let Brexit fuck my family.
For three years have I been struggling with this project,
"Hacking Brexit" affects your brain."


Writer:Mihaela Drăgan
Director:Tina Turnheim
Performer:Mihaela Drăgan, Ioana Costea, Nicoleta Ghiță, Fatma Mohamed, Zita Moldovan, Anca Pitaru
Virtual Scenography:Cip Făcăeru
Digital Interaction Design:Florin Dumitru
Costume, Poster Design:Gabriella Spriridon
Sound Design:Flo Thamer
Translation (English):Cristina Catalina
Premiered:2019, Andrei Mureșanu Theater, Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania



The show used a text as a starting point, written by Mihaela Drăgan during the Royal Court Theater Drama residency called “2019 Focus Europe” in London and applies the principles of a new artistic movement - Roma Futurism - whose basis was laid by the artist in 2018 at ParaSite Hong Kong contemporary art center. Roma Futurism explores science fiction elements in Roma culture and places Roma culture and history at an intersection with the help of magic and technology of the future. The new production continues the collaboration of artist Mihaela Drăgan with director Tina Turnheim with whom she worked in "Medea Romnja" at the Aufbau Kreuzberg Theater in Berlin, Germany.

Focus scene


'Giuvlipen’s plays mobilize a twofold anti-racist and feminist agenda, exposing the multiple facets of the discursive racialization of the Roma, while tracing its effects in different historical contexts, from the Holocaust to contemporary forms of structural racism and social exclusion.'

Diana Benea

'...a hypnotic production.'

The Calvert Journal

'...the main question posed by the show is this: what would the world look like if the Roma ruled the world?'


materials to read

excerpts from the play
In case you would like to request availability to the full play and/or the full video about the performance, write an email to info@romaheroes.org and describe the aim of your request!


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