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Roma from the Duvet - Actor Theater Košice

Roma from the Duvet

Róm z perinky alebo Enter the Majority

This play, based on the life of František Balog, founder of Actor Theatre in Košice, presents scenes from the morning routine of the children's home where he grew up. Moreover, he tells us about his love life in the foster home and how a piano can hinder this love. The play is hilarious and at the same time conveys an serious message on how important it is to have motivation in life, devote time to ourselves and find our peace.

"What is life in a children's home like?
Who takes care of the children?
What rules shall they obey and how can they bend them?"


Director:Juraj Bielik
Performer:František Balog
Dramaturgy:Miriam Kičiňová
Set design:Tomáš Diro
Music:Peter Orgován
Translation (English):Petra Hyblerová
Premiered:2018, Town Hall, Košice, Slovakia



In the centre of the monodrama called The Roma from the Duvet or Enter the Majority stands a young Roma man who presents his life story by telling humorous and bizarre episodes from his childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Step by step, we get to know how he becomes a part of majority society. He plays nine characters in this performance, representing nine people who made a strong impression on him or contributed to how the course of his life changed. The play is sometimes grotesque, humorous but also serious at once:  it entertains but at the same time gives us a key message about the importance of motivation in life, how crucial it is to dedicate time for yourself, and to come to terms with yourself. 

This play is basically a kaleidoscope of bizarre stories of how to manage your life. It resembles a one-man-show or a stand-up comedy sometimes. However, the play doesn´t mean to induce compassion, on the contrary, through laughter which provokes tears, it tells us about motivation and inspiration, about how life can be managed independently of being a Roma or non-Roma.  

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“If you ever find yourself in a difficult life situation and you realize that nothing can be done, go watch the monodrama of František Balog. The well-known actor from Košice plays in an exceptional way, keeping a sober distance from himself and his ethnicity.  When he presents the story of his own journey as a Roma from an orphanage to the majority, he does it with humor and foresight. Even at the cost of crossing the line of hypocritical political correctness, he shows us that everything is possible if you are driven by motivation.”

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