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Perkucigo - Zsolt Fekete



The partly autobiographical storytelling performance of Zsolt Fekete is unique, containing elements of stand-up, and represents the crisis of identity. He gets into surprising situations as an ethnic Hungarian from Romania with a hidden Gypsy origin. The performance is a dialogue between the creator and the audience about the destiny of the Gypsies, mainly about the discrimination in the Romanian health care system. The performance is also accompanied by the music of Fekete.
"They say that if you’re Hungarian, you can feel it. And that no one can take that away from you. Either you feel it or you don’t. Well, I don’t agree with that. If people are able to feel who they are, then I should be able to feel my Gypsy side. Like I’d get out of bed in the morning and say: “Ouch, that Gypsy vertebra sure aches this morning! My Hungarian knee is OK, but that Gypsy knee... And my Romanian shoulder is acting up."


Writer:Csaba Székely, Zsolt Fekete
Director:Zsolt Fekete, Attila Bordás, Péter Dávid
Performer:Zsolt Fekete
Translation (English):Marie-Josée Sheeks
Premiered:2019, Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania



The play is inspired by the life-experiences of Zsolt Fekete related to identity and the healthcare system. The main purpose of the artist was to foster dialogue among Roma people, healthcare service providers and the members of the majority, and thus, initiate social changes.

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'Its uniqueness and strength lie in the fact that the play is very personal. On the one hand, because we know that the person in front of us may have learned in the hard way what we can hear, and on the other hand, because he brings to life scenes that we must have all encountered in everyday life.'


'In Perkucigo the theatrical character, the stereotypes and the social roles had a very interesting relationship with each other. It included miracles of acting, too.'


'However, the performance of Zsolt Fekete is an important step in the direction of a meaningful dialogue, so that the Romanian society can embark on the path of anti-Gypsyism, everyone (including those whose skin is not white) must take part in this conversation.'


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