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Forever Holiday! - Romano Svato Theater

Forever Holiday!

So kheren amenca?! Für immer Urlaub!

The play tells the story of two youngsters who were evicted from their homeland. What can a parent do if they get a letter claiming that their children can no longer live in the land that they believed to be their home? Everything changes and just one thing matters: what can they do to stay? But there is nothing they can do, they must leave the country. They get deported and that is when their endless holiday starts: visiting distant relatives whose world is incredibly different from the young adult’s one.
You want to marry a German? In two weeks or what? Where will you suddenly dig up that German that you’d marry? We’ll have to speak to a lawyer. Try and get some Serbian papers for the kids somehow. With those they’d a tourist visa to Germany. And then we’ll see.


Writer, Dramaturge:Hanna AlTaher
Director:Sandra Selimović
Project Manager:Joschla Weiß
Performer:Alexandra Cobzaru, Adrian Ernst, Estera Iordan, Ramona Rahimic, Simonida Selimović , Estera Stan, Roxie Thiele-Dogan, Joschla Weiß
Translation (Hungarian):Kinga Kenyeres-Gyulassy
Translation (English): Anna Merényi
Premiered: 2017, Gorki Theatre, Berlin, Germany


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