Rroma Aether Klub Theater

Rroma Aether Klub Theater

Year of foundation of the theater2006
Place:Berlin, Germany
Leader of the theater: Nebojša Marković, Slaviša Marković, Rebecca D. Surber
Main artists:Nebojša Marković - actor, director, writer

Slaviša Marković - actor, director, theater educator

“You should look more for what connects you, and make what we have in common an issue.”

- the Marković Brothers in taz.de

About the theater

In 2006 the brothers Slaviša and Nebojša Marković founded the Rroma Aether Klub Theater in Berlin - a mixture of a meeting place and a studio stage. The close collaboration with artists from different cultures with or without a Rroma background has led to several co-productions and various events from various cultural pillars. The audience was just as diverse. In the Rroma A.K.T. people of different origins came together without the respective identity becoming the only problematized and thus, also stigmatized content. Rroma A.K.T. stands for the artistically high-quality, performative art and culture of the Rroma and non-Rroma.

As a further development of the Rroma A.K.T., they founded the “TheaterHermeneutics” project in collaboration with Rebecca D. Surber in 2018. Using new artistic methods, the project paves the way for shared perspectives and experiences of Rroma and non-Rroma that have not yet been captured in society.

The team deals with existential challenges, including identification and exclusion, and wants to reach the diverse and demanding audience visually, literally, and atmospherically on an emotional level based on human connectedness.


First Prize at the “Secondo Theater Festival”, Switzerland for Das Zimmerradio 

Main productions

Nebošja Marković, Samuel Beckett, Aglaja Veteranyi: Road to Babylon (Straße nach Babylon)
D.: Nebojša Marković, Slaviša Marković

On the way from the past to the future she finds herself in the wake of repeating memories – finds herself in in the twist of escape and arriving. A journey from nowhere to somewhere.
But how can one honestly live oneself, one's humanity, if you are constantly “spread out” as a projection surface for the expectations of others? How do you find your way out of this narrowness without being torn apart?
An inner dialogue, an examination and experience of one's own insights, perspectives and emotions, a multi-stage journey through almost forgotten days, back to oneself and one's voice. A rebirth from speechlessness.

"One road is like another; one road is just as good as another if you don't know the direction."

An evening in the spirit of mutual inspiration, connection and the lifting of the curtain. In German and Rromaness.

Volksbühne Berlin ( Volksbühne Berlin)
Berlin, Germany

Green Salon
We are the operators of the Green Salon of the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin. We manage it autonomously in terms of art and content. In addition to the opportunity to work with other artists or make the space available to them, we also show our own productions.

Volksbühne Berlin ( Volksbühne Berlin)
Berlin, Germany

Nebojša Marković: Ando Kher (Ando Kher)
D.: Nebojša Marković

Situations of hopelessness and being at the mercy of invisible forces shape our being, our self-image and our world. But it is not this disempowerment that determines us but rather the situation of security, love and understanding. All of this demands our abilities to deal creatively and constructively with challenges. How do we express our sensitivities, images and thoughts?
Our goal is to offer as many people as possible support using artistic tools in the fields of literature, theater and film, in order to strengthen their own voice and help them express themselves.

TAK Theater Aufbauhaus Kreuzberg
TAK Theater Aufbauhaus Kreuzberg)
Berlin, Germany

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Guest performances

Nebojša Marković, Slaviša Marković:
The Roomradio (Das Zimmerradio)
-> Secondo Theaterfestival
Aarau Theater (Bühne Aarau, Tuchlaube)  
Aarau, Switzerland

-> Secondo Theater Festival
St. Gallen Theater (Theater St. Gallen)
St. Gallen, Switzerland

-> Secondo Theater Festival
Theater Basel
(Theater Basel)
Basel, Switzerland

-> Secondo Theater Festival
TOBS Theater (Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn)
Biel, Switzerland

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