Rom*nja Power Theater

Rom*nja Power Theater Collective

Romnja Power Theater Kollektiv

Year of foundation of the theater2017
Place:Berlin, Germany
Leader of the theater: Joschla Weiß
Main artists:Joschla Weiß - leader of the theater, actress, dancer

Simonida Selimović - actress

Sandra Selimović - actress

Safet Mistele - dancer, choreographer

Joe Rain - actor, dancer

Estera Stan - actress

Roxie Thiele-Dogan - social worker, actress
"The transgenerational transmission of trauma is sensitively circled, the clash with the white majority society is staged all the more violently."

- Ute Büsing, journalist, about Rom*nja City, RBB24

"The Romnja Power Theatre Collective creates its own theatre stories, dance forms and songs, inspired by our rich cultural heritage, but developed from a contemporary perspective. It does not confirm entrenched clichés. It produces new images by telling the diverse realities of Rom*nja on the one hand. On the other hand, this theatre creates utopias, showing possibilities of how a future of Rom*nja and Sintizze could be. Queens and Kingstyle."

- Joschla Weiß, artistic leader of the Rom*nja Power theatercollectiv and actress

About the theater

Founded 2017, the art label Rom*nja Power Theaterkollektiv focusses on showcasing romani actors and actresses, productions and themes in the world of film and theatre. Intergenerational and intersectional exchange of knowledge within the community is central to our work: Romani and Sintizzi professionals pass on their expertise to the next generations. As well as a strong feministic art approach.

In this context, we understand feminism as a call to action, as an overall social critique of anachronistic systems. Feminism as the utopia of a space free of domination. This understanding of feminism is clearly located in the context of liberation movements, which always assume that liberation is a multidimensional one if we are really to speak of freedom. Thus, the work of the collective is part of a long tradition of feminist, anti-colonial and anti-racist struggles, art and literature.

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Mete eksi Award for „So kheren amenca?! Forever holiday?!for exemplary commitment in the fight against xenophobia, for peaceful coexistence and for a city without racism

Main productions

Hanna Al-Taher, Simonida Selimovic, Rom*nja Power Theatre Collective:
Rom*nja City- City of liberated people. In pursuit of a possible world
(Rom*nja City – Stadt freier Menschen)
*dance theater, online premiere*
D.: Simonida Selimović, Sandra Selimović, Rea Kurmann
COR.: Safet Mistele, Aurora Magri

A dance and theatre production by and with the Rom*nja Power Theatre Collective. Inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s „Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny” in German, English and Romanes.

Rom*nja City is the story of Rita Prgmore and her twin sister Rolanda. In the 1940s German Nazi doctors experimented on them to create a so called superior human race. This is also a story of searching for a utopian feminist City, between reckoning with the past and looking towards a possible future.

Grips Theater (Gripstheater)
Berlin, Germany

Hanna Al-Taher: City of Liberation
(Stadt der Befreiung- Auf der Suche nach einer möglichen Welt)
D.: Sandra Selimović
COR.: Safet Mistele

Howmuch time and Energy to overthrow systems of dominations would we have, were we not preoccupied with surviving? Leila and Carmen have had it and set out on a journey in search of freedom city, a mythical city of liberation and possibility, in search of a feminist Utopia.

Berlin Mitte Theater, Grips Theater
(Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Gripstheater)
Berlin, Germany

Hanna Al-Taher: Forever holiday?!
(So kheren amenca?! Für immer Urlaub)

D.: Sandra Selimović

The play So Kheren Amenca?! / Forever Holiday?! tells the story of two youngsters who were evicted from their homeland. What can a parent do if she gets a letter claiming that her children can no longer live in the land that they believed to be their home? Everything changes and just one thing matters now: what can they do to stay? But there is nothing they can do, they must leave the country. They get deported and that is when their endless holiday starts: visiting distant relatives whose world is incredibly far from that of the young adults. We can learn what kind of challenges they have to face and how they overcome the difficulties.

Romano Svato TheaterMaxim Gorki Theater
(Romano Svato Theater, Maxim Gorki Theater)
Berlin, Germany

Guest performances

Hanna Al-Taher, Simonida Selimovic, Rom*nja Power Theatre Collective: Rom*nja City
-> Grips Theater (Gripstheater)
Berlin, Germany

-> Theater Dortmund (Theater Dortmund)
Dortmund, Germany

->Theater Heidelberg (Theater und Orchester Heidelberg)
Heidelberg, Germany

Hanna Al-Taher: Forever holiday?!
-> Roma Heroes - III. International Roma Theater Festival
Independent Theater Hungary (Független Színház Magyarország)
Budapest, Hungary

-> Grips Theater (Gripstheater)
Berlin, Germany

-> Romnja* Power Month Festival (Romnja* Power Month)
RomaniPhen (RomaniPhen)
Berlin, Germany

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