Knowledge is Power Group

Knowledge is Power Group

Tudás Hatalom Csoport

Year of foundation of the theater2013
Place:Budapest, Hungary
Leader of the theater: Kristóf Horváth
Main artists:Vera Balogh - actress

Emília Boda-Novy - director, actress

Dávid Csányi - director, actor

Franciska Farkas - actress, theater educator

Kristóf Horváth - writer, director, actor

Edmond Oláh - musician, actor

Cristopher Pászik - writer, actor

Rómeó Pápai - writer, actor

Norbert Varga - writer, actor

"The play "Gypsy-Hungarian" is a risky enterprise with real things at stake. Cheeky and touching at the same time, this piece makes the audience confront even the liberal "good person" narrative that we are so proud of.
- Beatrix Kricsfalusi (professor) on Gypsy-Hungarian in Revizor, 2019

ABOUT the theater

The Knowledge is Power Group was formed in 2013. Their first video was made to draw attention to children leaving school at an early age. The group has been active ever since, their motto is:” fuck l’art pour l’art”.

Art is but a tool able to focus attention and affect thinking. We bring joy and knowledge to those that don’t get enough of it. Members of the group were underprivileged children, now young adults with a considerable amount of artistic and workshop-leading experience. We’re constantly improving; our work is overseen by supportive professionals.

We reached thousands of children and helped them live up to their creative potential through creating together. Our aim is to set up a peer-led support network, advertising storytelling and (forum) theatre, increasing societal consciousness, strengthening a sense of togetherness. 

We’re fluent in rap, slam poetry and poetry.


The video was awarded at MEET Film Festival in Italy

"After 89" Music Award - 1st place

Main productions

Knowledge is Power: Gypsy-Hungarian
(Cigány magyar)
D.: Ádám Császi

Being poor makes you creative, being exclusive makes you extraordinary. No wonder that the TudásHatalom (Knowledge is Power) team members choose these features on purpose. It is worth being a Roma, even if you never forget that on your ID your nationality says: Hungarian.
The group processes their own memories in a storytelling performance reflecting on events that did not make it to the evening news on TV.

Átrium Theatre (Átrium Színház)
Budapest, Hungary

Ádám Császi: Three Thousand Numbered Pieces*
(Háromezer számozott darab)
D.: Ádám Császi

The film Three Thousand Numbered Pieces depicts the fate of young Roma whose lives have been a free fall, without a safety net and choice.

*music video*

In 2020, the Életrevaló Association and the Északi Támpont Center created the Önismeret Film Workshop, where residents of the Esze Tamás Children's Home in Budapest made a video clip called NESZETAMÁS. The clip gives an honest insight into the world and struggles of the residents of the state care home.

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Guest performances

Knowledge is Power: Gypsy-Hungarian
(Cigány Magyar)

-> Bánk Lake Festival (Bánki-tó Fesztivál),
Bánk, Hungary

-> National Theater Festival Pécs (POSZT)
Pécs, Hungary

-> Deszka Festival (Deszka Fesztivál
Csokonai Theater Debrecen
Debrecen, Hungary

-> Feri Festival (Feri feszt)
Budapest, Hungary

-> Radar Ost Festival (Radar Ost)
Deutsches Theater
Berlin, Germany

-> International Roma Day/Long Night of Coming Outs
Maxim Gorki Theater
Berlin, Germany

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