Giuvlipen Theater Company

Compania de teatru Giuvlipen

Year of foundation
of the theater
Place:Bucharest, Romania
Leader of the theater: Mihaela Drăgan
Main artists:Mihaela Drăgan - actress, playwright

Ema Zita Moldovan - actress, costume designer

Oana Rusu
- actress

Bety Pisică
- actress, interdisciplinary artist

Nicoleta Ghiță - actress, singer

Andrei Șerban - actor

Ninel Petrache - actor

Claudiu Dumitru - actor

Raisa Mihai - actress

Alexandru Fifea
- actor

Raj Alexandru Udera
- actor, make-up artist

Alex Bălă - music producer

Bianca Mihai - actress, musician
“Giuvlipen is more than a theater company; it is our safe space of Roma actresses, in which we claim the right to use our voice to fight against Eurocentric principles in art and to produce a revolutionary, feminist, queer and anti-racist art.”

- Mihaela Drăgan (Roma actress and co-founder of Giuvlipen)

“They are the vanguard of the Romani revolution, a counter-attack, through art and activism - to centuries of oppression.”

- Reuters Agency

ABout the theater

Giuvlipen means feminism in Romani language and is the first independent Roma feminist theatre company in Romania. 
It was founded in 2015 by a group of Roma actors, artists and cultural experts with the purpose of creating a structure for reflection and action in the art field, as a form of combating Roma exclusion. 

Our art is provocative, experimental and of high performativity. The subjects of our shows are diverse, but also share a common theme: 

We openly discuss subjects that have been passed over in silence, sometimes because of history, sometimes because of mentality and social or political mores. With each show we aim to reclaim the Roma art, history and cultural identity, through stories told by us, Roma artists. 
Some of the main goals of our theater company are taking responsibility for showing the value of Roma culture, contributing to changing social mentality and instilling a sense of pride for cultural and identity heritage among Roma communities.


UNITER Awards Gala 2020 - Special British Council Romania Award for promoting and supporting social inclusion and encouraging civic engagement

AFCN Awards Gala 2018 – Social inclusion and intercultural dialogue award for the cultural project “Roma Theater is Not Nomadic: The Memory of Transnistria

The distinction of high appreciation for their artistic performance and the promotion of Roma culture by the Prime Minister of Romania of that time, Viorica Dăncilă for Zita Moldovan and Mihaela Drăgan, the co-founders of Giuvlipen.

Main productions

Mihaela Drăgan: Romacen – The Age of the Witch
(Romacen – Vremea Vrăjitoarelor)
D.: Tina Turnheim

Romacen - The Age of the Witch marks the birth of a new artistic trend, Roma Futurism, which we hope will be taken over by many Roma artists to move to the next level, where we imagine a future in which we can stop the historical cycle of oppression against us. Roma Futurism claims the figure of the Roma witch, so stereotyped in the collective imaginary, and witchcraft becomes our artistic and political response to the social inequalities and injustices of the world we live in.

Andrei Mureșanu Theater (Teatrul Andrei Mureșanu)
Sfântu-Gheorghe, Romania

Mihaela Drăgan, Antonella Lerca Duda, Nicoleta Ghiță, Zita Moldovan, Bety Pisică, Oana Rusu, Raj Alexandru Udrea: Sexodrom (Sexodrom)
D.: Bogdan Georgescu

SEXODROM is a group theatrical production made following the dramatic writing workshop “Politics in private”, which aims to explore taboo subjects in the Romanian public space in cooperation with young Roma artists.

National Centre of Dance (Centrul Național de Dans)
Bucharest, Romania

Catinca Drăgănescu: Urban Body (Corp urban)
D.: Catinca Drăgănescu

Urban Body fictionalizes the stories of four Roma women and investigates the connection between them and their own bodies, through a personal lens, in a social context: the body as an instrument of production, the body as property, the body as a cradle of maternity; the healthy body, the sick body, the shameful body, the physical body as the mirror of one’s social life and as the only personal possession.

Bucharest, Romania

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Guest performances

Mihaela Drăgan: Romacen – The Age of the Witch
(Romacen – Vremea Vrăjitoarelor)
-> Andrei Mureșanu Theater (Teatrul Andrei Mureșanu)
Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania

-> Csiky Gergely Hungarian Theater (Csiky Gergely Színház)
Timișoara, Romania

-> Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg (TAK)
Berlin, Germany

-> Roma Theater is Not Nomad 2020 tour

-> Andrei Mureșanu Theater (Teatrul Andrei Mureșanu)
Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania

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