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Letter to Brad Pitt - Farkas Franciska

Letter to Brad Pitt

Levél Brad Pittnek

In the autobiographical reading performance of Franciska Farkas she confesses about her life with cruel sincerity and dark irony. She writes an imaginary letter to Brad Pitt, whom she met at a film shooting in Hungary. She shares many challenges she experienced in her family, school and later on in her life. She faced sexual violence and drug abuse, but she always recuperated and became a successful actress. She asks Brad Pitt to adopt her.
"Thanks to all the employers who never employed me as a sales assistant, or a janitor, or a bartender! Even bigger thanks to those who employed me, but never failed to humiliate me. Thanks a lot for reminding me over and over again that I was inferior. This is what drove me to you, Brad!"


Writer, Performer:Franciska Farkas
Director:Ádám Császi
Translator (English): Erzsébet Báder
Premiered:2018, Studio K Theater, Budapest, Hungary



Focus scene


‘Perplexing unfolding letter monologue addressed to Brad Pitt.’


‘The rhetoric includes self-irony, self-reflection and mercyless social criticism.’


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