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Heroes - Romano Svato Theater


Heroes, drei Frauen viele Verhöre

The play by the Romano Svato theater company is about three women from different cultures who are in pre-trial detention, waiting for the right of asylum in Austria. Their first experiences of „the land of freedom” question the morality of the „know-it-all West”. The Iranian, Syrian and the Roma woman from Kosovo experience the same inhuman treatment, the brutality of male captors and the immigration officer, as well as the interrogation lasting for long hours, meanwhile they escaped from their homelands in the hope of safety. What can we do for them?

"I imagine Europe much more like a mountain that I have to conquer by bus. And at the top of this mountain is a huge castle with an incredibly deep moat around it. And inside this castle there are Dutch and Germans, and the Italians, the Brits and a few Austrians are there too. And of course, a bunch of French and Scandinavians. - The “real” Europeans."


Writer:Marianne Strauhs
Director:Sandra Selimović
Performer:Simonida Selimović, Ivana Nikolic, Mateja Maded, Jörg Waltenberger
Translation (Hungarian): Éva Nagy
Translation (English): Anna Lengyel
Premiered:2015, Vienna, Austria



A few years ago, a huge wave of refugees came from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Arab countries to Austria, Germany and Hungary. The fear and at the same time, the prejudice of the people were also strong, instead of solidarity and empathy. The Europeans wanted the refugees to return where they came from.

So, together with another director, Sandra Selimović started to deal with the refugees through theater workshops and recorded their stories. With a camera they captured their bureaucratic difficulties when filing for asylum status in Austria. It struck them that they only saw male refugees. It raised several questions: Where are refugee women? What happened to them? What can be their story? How is it possible that mainly young men flee?

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‘The performance, which lasts over an hour and a half, in addition to the dynamism of tight spaces, conveys the often inhumane treatment of people who have just made it to “Fortress Europe” fleeing from the worst circumstances. The atmosphere of the performance is loosened up with some situational comedy, letting you endure the situation.‘


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In case you would like to request availability to the full play and/or the full video about the performance, write an email to info@romaheroes.org and describe the aim of your request!

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