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Bambina – Queen of Flowers

Bambina - Regina Florilor

An exciting slice of history unfolds through the stories of the Romanian florists. Beginning with the appearance of the first florists, we can see how the Roma people adapted to the changes of time until we get to the birth of the flower empire of Lina Georgescu, also known as Bambina. She was the most successful woman ever who reformed the flower trade, skillfully built an empire during communism and after regime change, she coped with the challenges of the free market, too. Her main goal was to support the young women like her, that is why she was willing to work only with them. The ARTHUB company created the reconstruction of Bambina’s life based on the interviews made with her son.
"For me, Bambina is a model of a Romani woman who succeeded in a man’s world. A world that often puts up barriers in front of women. I’d love to know Bambina’s recipe for success: how did she do it all? She did everything society demanded of her: she was a responsible and loving mother, a devoted wife, and a thriving businesswoman."


Writer, Performer:Alex Fifea, Zita Moldovan, Andrei Șerban
Director:Mihai Lukács
Documentation: Alex Fifea, Andrei Șerban, Nona Șerbănescu, Mihai Lukács, Zita Moldovan
Music:Cătălin Rulea, Mamiru, Nicu Dorel, Andrei Nagy, Liviu Iancu
Visual:Nona Șerbănescu
Translation (English): Diana Manole
Premiered:2017, Bucharest, Romania



Bambina – The Queen of The Flowers is the first show about the history and traditions of the Boldeni Roma People in Romania and their cultural heritage – the flowers. The story is based on research carried out in partnership with the Romanian Florists Association on the oral histories and customs of the Roma florists in Bucharest intertwined with the life-story of the famous Roma female florist, Lina Georgescu, known in the Roma Florists community as "Bambina”. Commemorating this successful businesswoman as an emblematic figure of the Florists' guild is the starting point in the construction of this show with highlights on both historical insights into the florist community of Romania and socio-economic challenges of present times.

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Focus scene


‘And this nostalgic atmosphere, as well as the scenery imagined with barren, ill-lit, merely indicative set elements seemed so intimate that it went great with the macro story in which Bambina's life events are placed: the history of the Roma florists in the world-war torn capital, and the politicized present of today’s florists.'


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